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Hi :) I'm Rosie.

I just graduated from Honours in psychology at university and am working part time as a mental health support worker. I'm a mental health advocate, and want to dedicate my life to helping to support and understand others living with mental illness. I live with Schizoaffective Disorder (Type I Bipolar and schizophrenia) in Australia. I love writing and reading poetry, and reading biographies and memoirs. I also love writing music and performing, photography and photo manipulation.

I'm the lyricist/singer for a band. We're called Outward Eyes. [link] :heart:

My heroes are Anne Deveson, Kay Redfield Jamison, Elyn Saks, and Carl Sagan. I admire their courage, passion, resilience, and writing. I believe that resilience, as well as compassion, empathy, emotional intuition, courage and drive are the best qualities a person can have.

I'm a street art enthusiast, I'm not a graffiti artist, but I love street art and love photographing it. I very much love derelict and decaying buildings and urban exploration.

I like records, horror and occult fiction, poetry, sushi, A Perfect Circle, Placebo, David Bowie, gloomy bear, antiques (particularly Victorian), clown dolls, and foreign or silent films.
Haven't updated in a very long time! Since getting out of hospital I had a few months of recovery, which meant spending some time with family which was actually really nice. So health and restoration before moving back to Brisbane with my awesome housemate :dummy: I love where I live, so it's been a really nice change :la:

I was honoured to be invited to do a guest lecture at my local university on the traumatic effects of mental health system on psychiatric patients and stigma within the mental health system. It was a wonderful (and anxious) experience. The lecture was to a mix of medical, psychology, paramedic, and mental health nursing students, and feedback was positive, so the recording of it will be used again as part of the curriculum next year :la:

I also got a beautiful little bird :aww: His name is Pastel. His family could no longer keep him, and I saw his ad on Gumtree, and fell in love. He loves eating carrot, apple, mixed seed, and millet spray, and nibbling my hair. He can say "I love you" and make an impressive variety of sounds, including siren-like sounds, general birdy chatter and R2-D2-like sounds. Which is kind of fitting, because our next-door neighbours actually have a full-body C3P0 cosplay suit =P Pastel's beak is light orange with a gorgeous lilac band above it. He's very sweet and cheeky. He likes sitting on my hand while I drink my tea and trying to drink from it too. And also nibbling on the side of my water bottle when I'm drinking from it which makes me laugh/cough/choke. He also likes swinging so hard on his swing or doing acrobatics off of it that one side of it will come off and need to be re-hooked. 

My sister and I are travelling to England and Scotland at the end of the month :iconballoonsplz: :iconballoonplz: very excited. I'm also going to get to meet some online friends from London and EdinB that I've known for years and years but never before met in person, so I really can't wait for that. Otherwise I'm mostly doing study and have the occasional shift in the mental health ward at the local hospital, which I love doing. I'm usually helping out with art therapy.  
Hope everyone is doing well :heart: :tighthug: :huggle:

Pastel by Rosary0fSighs  



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Congratulations on your graduation with honors! That is fantastic!
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thank you! :aww:
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